The Last Killer Standing The Dog Who Ate The Airplane The Dog Who Ate The Burglar The Dog Who Ate The Crossbow The Dog Who Ate The Drawing The Dog Who Ate The Elephant

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Welcome. My name is Edward J. Coburn (Ed) and I am the author of numerous books. There are links to all the things I am working on (mainly my books) including short stories, poems and other things. I will be happy to post things for you too if you want to send them to me at

 My book The Last Killer Standing, was rereleased on Amazon and Smashwords, newly edited (by super editor Wendy Ely) with a new cover designed by my good friend Calista Taylor as shown above on the left.

 The Dog Who Ate The Airplane (cover is second from the left) is on Amazon, the second book in the series (26 books eventually) The Dog Who Ate The Burglar (third from the left above) is on Amazon also, as is the third book (Crossbow) and the fourth book (Drawing). All four books were edited by another super editor Faith Williams. All the covers were created by Calista Taylor. The fifth book (Elephant) is discussed on my blog, the cover is on the far right, and will be out in july.

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